You didn't know Javier Botet Played those Monsters

Javier Botet has Marfan syndrome, which made him very tall and thin (2 meters high). He is an owner of extremely long fingers.

Those features allow him to be the best known Hollywood actor playing monsters. He is fantastic at trying on different costumes and make up and giving the audience a real scare.

  • Slender Man

  • Mama

  • Mara

  • Crooked Man (The Conjuring 2)

  • The Reaper (Hostile)

  • The Leper (IT)

  • Key Face (Insidious: Chapter 4)

  • Ginger Special (Don't Knock Twice)

  • The sorcerer (His House)

  • Big Toe Corpse (Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark)

  • Myrtu (The Other Side of the Door)

  • The Entity (Polaroid)

  • Humanoid (Beneath Still Water)

  • Crimson Peak

and more....



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