Why 10x10 is a waste of time

Plot: Lewis, a widower, kidnaps Cathy, the owner of a flower shop, determined to extract a secret from her past that she has kept well-hidden.

It is basically a movie with 2 actors in a tiny place. I actually do like Luke Evans in Drakula or in Alienist, Kelly Rielly.... well, not so much.

To be honest, in the beginning of the movie I still had some hopes for the exciting drama, when the guy kidnaps a lady and puts her in a small room (like in psych ward) in a very pretty and nicely located mansion. However, the excitement drops down, when all the secrets are easily revealed without much of hesitation and effort to conceal them. That was truly disappointing...

All the remaining time of the movie two people are basically trying to kill each other. The END. I really didn't understand, why I watched it.

So to sum up:

- Good actor - check

- Nice house - check

- Amazing plot - uncheck

- Action - uncheck

- Need to reflect of the movie - uncheck

- Mystery - uncheck

- Good mood after watching - uncheck

- Worth watching - UNCHECK BIG TIME


- K

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