The Mess You Leave Behind

Rating: 7.5/10

A Spanish Netflix Limited Series from 2020 about Raquel - a young literature teacher who comes to a new school to replace the previous teacher (Viruca) who has disappeared. She meets new colleagues and students, who are convinced that their last teacher was murdered. She is then quickly caught up in the murder investigation and finds out many more secrets than she expected. The first suspect are the students who bully the new teacher and threaten her continuously.

In the flashbacks, we see how Viruca had an intimate relationship with a student and also with his father, her life seem to be a real mess, she is struggles with toxic relationships, money issues and drugs.

The plot is quite interesting, a bit mysterious and unpredictable. I appreciate the constant parallel between the two teachers/ women, who at the fist sight may seem similar, but when the story reveals the past of both, we see how different they actually are very different. Surprisingly in the end, the last episode will reveal how both women are connected and how they both finally found their peace in their own way.

As usual, the moral is that all the secrets eventually come out, no matter how well we manage to hide them.



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