The Little Things 2021 - Review

Why watch The Little Things?

Well, first of all, because of the fantastic cast. Basically the main cast contains only 3 actors:

- Denzel Washington as Deputy Sheriff Joe "Deke" Deacon

- Rami Malek as Sgt. Jim Baxter

- Jared Leto as Albert Sparma

The plot seems to be resembling most of the criminal thrillers when the good policemen try to find the notorious serial killer.

Young and successful Sgt. Jim Baxter is on the hunt for a serial killer, who murders young girls. Deputy Sheriff Joe Deacon is an experienced policeman, who has previously worked in homicide department, but was eventually removed.

While investigating the crime, Joe is unintentionally faces the throwbacks to his last homicide investigation and disturbing events of that day.

In some sense it is the police investigation story, but much deeper and complex in its details. As mentioned in the movie title ''The Little Details'' (in some languages translated as Devil in the details), the audience will need to look for those tiny indicators to assemble the the idea behind the story line. Maybe you will not find all the answers by the end of the film, but do not worry, it was meant to be this way, so that you can come to your own conclusions.

Why watch The Little Things?

The movie is very slow paced and doesn't have too much of action or shooting. So if you are looking for the action criminal movie, please pass....

Another thing, in case you like to have all the answers on the surface and finish the movies with ''happily ever after'', also pass....

What watch after The Little Things?

If you like The Little Things, you may as well enjoy Defending Jacob.

It has the similar pace and requires nearly same amount of analysis and effort to truly understand the feelings and actions of the main characters.




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