Society 2019

Society is basically a modern version of the Lord of Flies, the plot is set around a group of teens who suddenly appeared to be the only living things in the area, where there hometown used to be. Everything seems to be exactly the same as before, however, all the adults disappeared without any trace.

Here is when the teenagers learn to manage themselves, without the usual support of parents and other authorities. They now have a leader, a community, control and distribution of goods, schedules, however, as in any society, there are always those who deny obeying the common rules and want to establish their own.

While this TV series is not actually showing anything that we already haven't seen, but it alright to watch. I personally found it quite entertaining and am looking forward to seeing the following season which will be hopefully released at soonest.

There is definitely a good amount of drama, action, romance and also mystery, a full package or a good show :)

Society 2019 has also reminded me of The 100, where a group of teenagers had to find their ways to survive on inhabitant planet (or almost inhabitant). The 100 was very scratched to an unbelievable extent, I hope that wont happen to Society.


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