Midsommar: Brilliant or Horrible?

Another controversial psychological horror film by Ari Aster, who also created Hereditary (one of my favorite psycho horror).

First of all, it is worth mentioning that is you are looking for a spooky ghost movie - please PASS.

If you are looking for the jump scares - please PASS.

If you are looking for a movie to watch on a date in the dark - PASS PASS PASS!!!

But, if you wish to watch a very meaningful movies with tons of hidden things, where you have to look for the clues and put the puzzle together - THIS IS A GOOD CHOICE!

Midsommar is the first horror I have ever watch which is fully in the daylight, with the fantastic landscapes, vibrant colors, art, dancing and festivities. Doesnt sound scary right?

Trust me, you are so mistaken...

During the entire movie I could not move as it was so tense until the very end.

The film is about a young girl - Danny, who has just lost her parents and sister to a tragic incident. She has a boyfriend, Christian, to whom she turns to grief after her loss. He doesnt give back the same amount of love Danny gives him and is in fact very ignorant to his girlfriend. Christian and his friends have planned to go to Sweden to witness ancestral commune and when Danny found out, Christian invites her too. Whatever happens afterwards is best to be watched, not told.

Please note that the movie is extremely graphic, in case you are not a fan of dead bodies with injuries, just keep that in mind.

So for me, I guess this was one of the most interesting movies I have ever watched. It was horrifying and creepy and full of pain and the entire specter of emotions. it make you feel like something very wrong, but comforting at the same time. It is very deep and smart.

Ari Aster has put an enormous amount of thoughts into the details of this movie, to underline every little moment to make it all very meaningful.

*If you cannot find them all (hidden details), watch again, or go on Youtube for explanation.

Some say this movie is brainwashing, I say it was truly impressive!



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