Major Grom: Plague Doctor

Russian action movie based on the comic book character release in a full size movie 2017 and just recently added to Netflix library.

The Movie is about a police major Igor Grom, whose work manners are far from ordinary. But that doesn't make him any less successful than his colleague, on the contrary, he is the best guy in the department and despite his not very legal methods, the big police boss cannot let him go.

Igor Grom is slightly selfish and self-confident guy, who is not used to ask for others' opinion. Somehow he reminded me of Sherlock Holmes... once you watch the movie you will be able to see even more similarities with Sherlock movie with Downey Jr.

As most of the movies with so many policemen involved, you may guess that they are going to catch a bad guy. So the villain here is the Plague Doctor (wears the plague mask), he is taking revenge on rich and powerful people to clean the city from the evil and corruption. And of course our hero and his comrades are going to save the city and solve catch the bad 'doctor'.

The movie is quite simple in the plot, but funny (not sure about the exact translation, but should be funny) and very entertaining. Like another adventure comedy to pass the evening time.



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