Ginny and Georgia Gillmore?

Soooo, for now there has been only 1 season that is out on Netflix, however, I am already quite excited to see another 10 seasons of this show (I hope).

Firstly, I would like to say that Brianne Howey, who plays Georgia is absolutely STUNNING, BEAUTIFUL and CHARISMATIC. She perfectly portrays a struggling single mama-scammer, who despite of all the slippery slopes keeps her head up and smile on and manages to look fantastic in every situation.

As I am quite a big fan of Gilmore Girls, I had a feeling that Ginny and Georgia might be a new modern version of my beloved TV series. And I was not wrong! And also not quite right... "We're like the Gilmore Girls, but with bigger boobs!" - says Georgia in one of the episodes.

Well first of all, this is as well a story about a mother and a daughter in a small town, when their father is somewhere away on his own adventures. Here mother and daughter have quite a tense relationship and keep on uncovering their differences throughout the season.

Apart from the family drama, teenage issues and love life, of course, new TV series cover a greater number of social problems: bullying, LGBT acceptance, racism and other.

Also the creators have added a spicy line of Georgia's crime life and all the loose ends from her past that keep on coming up and making her life miserable (which I quite did not except).

So generally, I think that this series has nothing really new, but a great mash up of our favorite modern topics.

Looking forward to the continuation....



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