Another Chernobyl Movie

Neflix has recently released a new Russian Movie about the Chernobyl Disaster happened in 1986. The movie is produced by Danila Kozlovsky, who as well played the lead role.

The story is focused on Alexey, who is a firefighter, he has decided to leave his post in the fire station but was commanded to come back after the explosion at the Power Plant.

The story line is split between his duty to his new-found family and his duty to his country.

The movie is extremely dramatic and sensitive. Do not expect a lot of actions, bright scenes and people running around.

Even the slowest moments are made with deep emotions and sufferings, that are very painful to watch. Especially how difficult it was to make brave decisions and sacrifice themselves to save others.

While I think the movie was brilliant, I personally preferred the earlier TV Series from HBO. there was much more story, many more characters, more details and the general overview of the USSR at that specific time. It gave a better idea to the view (even if you heard about the whole Chernobyl catastrophic explosion for the first time), the story in the HBO version is clear and consistent.

But do not make a mistake of skipping this movie, thinking you have already watched all about Chernobyl disaster in the HBO version, because yes, both are about the same thing, but with different focus.

HBO series was mostly about why the accident happened, who was involved and how they prevented the whole aftermath of the explosion. The movie of 2021 is about bravery and heroic actions of those liquidators who chose to go through the hell's door, knowing they are not coming back...

On another note, there is also Chernobyl Diaries 2012, please do not waste your time, it is truly ridiculous movie, not in a good way, I think it is not correct to make such a bullsh8t out of a real tragedy .


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