5 Twisted Ending Horrors

The Secret of Marrowbone (2017)

In 1968, Rose brings her four children from England to her childhood home, the Marrowbone Residence.

She urges them to leave their past behind and make new memories. Things start off well, and they make friends with a girl named Allie. However, Rose's health worsens and she dies, leaving behind her children Jack, Jane, Billy and Sam.

Before dying, Rose instructs Jack to hide news of her death until he turns 21 and legally able to care for his siblings. Six months later, the person the family was running from finds the place.

The Uninvited (2009)

Remake of the 2003 South Korean horror film A Tale of Two Sisters.

Anna is released from a psychiatric institution where she was placed for a suicide attempt after her mother died in a boathouse fire.

At home, Anna reunites with her sister Alex. They start to plot against father's new girlfriend Rachel, who had been their mother's live-in nurse.

When the visions of the night of the fire appear to Anna, sisters become convinced that the hallucinations are messages from their mother, telling them that she was murdered by Rachel so she could be with their father.

Dream House (2011)

Publisher Will Atenton relocates from New York to a small town with his wife, Libby and their daughters.

As they settle into their home, they discover that a woman and her children were murdered inside their very house, and the surviving husband is the town's prime suspect.

With help from a neighbor, who was close to the murdered family, Will pieces together a horrifying chain of events.

Ghost Stories (2017)

In 1979, Phillip Goodman's strict Jewish father threw his sister out of the family for dating an Asian man. As an adult, Goodman is lonely and single; he is also a well-known professor and television presenter whose show is devoted to debunking fraudulent psychics.

He receives an invitation to visit a famed paranormal investigator, Charles Cameron, who inspired him as a boy, but who has been missing for decades and is now living in a caravan, sick and impoverished. Cameron asks him to investigate three incidents of supposedly real supernatural ghost sightings.

The Sixth Sense (1999)

Malcolm Crowe, a child psychologist, returns home one night with his wife Anna after having been honored for his work. A young man appears in their bathroom and accuses Malcolm of failing him. Before he can talk Vincent down, Vincent shoots him and then himself.

The next fall, Malcolm begins working with Cole Sear, a 9-year-old boy. Malcolm feels he must help him to rectify his failure and reconcile with his wife, who has become distant and cold. Cole eventually confides his secret to Malcolm: he sees ghosts walking around like the living, unaware that they are dead.



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