5 Scandi Noir Crimes

The Valhalla Murders (2019)

An eight-episode police procedural television series produced in Iceland.

It is based, with the usual artistic license taken, on a real-life incident.

An Oslo detective with a painful past returns to his native Iceland to help a police officer hunt for a serial killer with a link to a mysterious photograph.

Deadwind (2018)

Sofia Karppi returns to her work as a homicide detective in the Helsinki Police Department while taking care of two children after the accidental death of her husband.

Rookie detective Sakari Nurmi is transferred from the financial crime unit to the homicide unit as Karppi's partner.

Their first case begins as a routine disappearance.

Women's clothes found at a construction site buried with flowers in her hands.

Quicksand (2019)

A school shooting takes place and Maja Norberg is arrested and suspected of murder.

Maja admits the murder at an early stage but denies the crime – the trial is rather about why the murder was committed than whether it was committed.

Like in the novel that series are based on, the story is told from the main character's perspective, with events flashing back and forth between the present day and her memories of events that led up to the shooting.

Young Wallander (2020)

A newly graduated police officer Kurt Wallander is investigating his first murder case in modern-day Sweden with social inequalities, power from elite class people and pressure from the surrounding society.

Series are based on the writings of Henning Mankell about fictional Inspector Kurt Wallander.

Equinox (2020)

Danish supernatural thriller Netflix series created by Tea Lindeburg, based on the Danish podcast Equinox 1985.

Following the disappearance of her sister and her sister's classmates decades ago, Astrid is haunted by visions and begins an investigation that uncovers a dark, eerie truth.



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