5 Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy Stories

The Act (2019)

Dee Dee Blanchard is overprotective of her daughter, Gypsy, who is trying to escape the toxic relationship she has with her mother. Gypsy's quest for independence opens up a Pandora's box of secrets, which ultimately leads to murder.

The mini series are based on a 2016 BuzzFeed article that detailed the shocking 2015 real life crime.

Love you to Death (2019)

Another movie based on a true story about Gypsy Blanchard and her abusive mother DeeDee. Their story is taken as a plot, played out by different fictional characters.

Camile Stoller (Dedee), mother of a sick young girl Esme (Gypsy).

At some point something goes totally wrong and mother is found stabbed to death and the girl is missing...

Run (2020)

Chloe is very sick and living with her mother. She is home schooled and never leaves the house without her mom. Her entire life is controlled by her only parent.

Eventually, Chloe starts to notice very weird things related to her medicine and trying to uncover her mother's darkest secret.

Sharp Objects (2018)

Miniseries based on a book about a crime reporter Camille who is suffering from alcoholism and just cam out of the psychiatric hospital. She comes back to her hometown to investigate the murder of two girls. At home she is back to the motherly care like in old days, but now she is ready to confront her demons.

The Politician (2019)

The series are of course about teenage politicians, but there are two characters, who are specifically fall under the same topic.

Infinity Jackson (played by Zoye Deutch) is also a victim of Munchausen Symptom by proxy - her own grandmother. Only with the help of her schoolmates, she will realize that she was trapped in scheme to get freebies and special treatment.



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