5 Movies about Blindness

The Eye (2008)

Adapted from the Hong Kong-Singaporean horror movie with the same name.

Sydney Wells is a talented violinist, but she has been blind for already many years.

She undergoes a cornea transplantation surgery to regain her eyesight.

Unfortunately, the eyesight was not the only thing she gained from the surgery, Sydney started to see some horrible visions.

She is frightened, but she needs to understand what is happening to her. Together with Dr. Paul they uncover the terrifying truth.

In Darkness (2018)

Sofia McKendrick is a blind pianist who lives in an apartment in London, and is haunted by the murder of her family by Serbian paramilitaries. Her neighbor is Veronique the daughter of Serbian philanthropist Zoran Radic, who has committed war crimes during the Bosnian War, and currently suspected of running criminal organizations.

One day Sofia hears the sounds of a murder in the apartment above and gets dragged into the criminal story.

Very intense and suspenseful thriller written and produced by Natalie Dormer, who also played the main character.

Sightless (2020)

Psychological thriller based on 2017 short film of the same name.

Violinist Ellen Ashland waked up blind in the hospital after a vicious attack by a fan. Later she meets Clayton, a kind young man, who is hired to help Ellen adapt to living without her sight.

One night, Ellen hears a distressed woman's voice; she initially believes the woman is in her apartment but then realizes the noise is coming through the vent. The following morning, her neighbor shows up and introduces herself as Lana.

All I See is You (2016)

Gina is a beautiful young woman who's still haunted by the accident that took her sight years earlier. Living in Bangkok with her husband, James, she undergoes a cutting-edge operation that restores the vision to her right eye.

Now that Gina can see again, she slowly starts to realize that her newfound independence makes James feel jealous, threatened and insecure.

Julia's Eyes (2010)

Spanish horror thriller film produced by Guillermo del Toro.

Tormented by an unseen presence, a blind woman, Sara, prepares to hang herself in her basement, but changes her mind. As she tries to remove the noose, the stool beneath her is kicked away, leaving her to die. Miles away, Sara's twin sister, Julia, collapses, sensing something amiss.

Julia Levin is haunted by the death of her sister Sara. The official verdict was suicide, but Julia is convinced that something more sinister was to blame.



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