5 Horrors about Web

Pulse (2006)

It is a remake of Kiyoshi Kurosawa's 2001 Japanese horror film Kairo.

When Josh Ockmann enters a dark university library intending to meet his friend Douglas Ziegler, he is attacked by a humanoid spirit that sucks the life force out of him.

Some days later, Josh's girlfriend, Mattie Webber , visits his apartment, seeing evidence that it has not been well kept. Josh tells Mattie to wait in the kitchen while he walks off. While waiting she finds Josh's pet cat, locked in a closet and dying from severe malnutrition. But when she rushes to tell him, she finds that he has committed suicide by hanging himself with an Internet cable.

Ratter (2015)

Emma Taylor, a graduate student, moves to New York for a fresh start after her recent break up with her boyfriend Alex.

After getting settled into her new apartment, someone begins anonymously hacking all her electronic devices and watching her through the cameras.

Cam (2018)

Alice Ackerman works as a camgirl on a website called FreeGirlsLive, broadcasting sexually promiscuous live shows from a studio she has set up in her home under the name "Lola_Lola.”

She is obsessed with her rank on the site, hoping to be number 1, a spot currently held by a camgirl named BabyGirl.

During one livestream, Alice simulates her suicide by slitting her own throat using fake blood, which greatly increases her popularity.

Unfriended (2014)

High school student Laura Barns commits suicide by gunshot after an anonymous user uploads a video of her passing out and defecating at an unsupervised party, and the video goes viral.

One year later, her former childhood best friend Blaire Lily is chatting with her boyfriend Mitch Roussel on Skype, during which they agree to lose their virginities to each other on prom night. Soon after they are joined by their friends and classmates Jess Felton, Ken Smith, and Adam Sewell, and an unknown user known as "billie227."

The group of friends tries various ways to get rid of the intruder but are unsuccessful each time.

Unfriended: Dark Web (2018)

Matias finds a laptop at a cyber café and takes it home. The laptop originally belonged to someone called Norah C. IV.

Matias and his friends discover that the previous owner has access to the dark web and is watching over them.



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