5 Best of Gary Oldman

Dracula in Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992)

Vlad Dracula returns from a victory against the Turks to find his wife Elisabeta committed suicide. The priest tells him that his wife's soul is damned to Hell for committing suicide. Enraged, Dracula renounces God, declaring he will rise from the grave to avenge Elisabeta with all the powers of darkness. He then stabs the chapel's stone cross with his sword and drinks the blood that pours from it.

Jonathan Harker travels to Transylvania to arrange Dracula's real estate acquisitions in London. Jonathan meets Dracula who discovers a picture of his fiancée Mina Murray and believes she is the reincarnation of Elisabeta.

Sirius Black in Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a series of seven fantasy novels written by British author, J. K. Rowling. The novels chronicle the lives of a young wizard, Harry Potter, and his friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, all of whom are students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

James Gordon in The Dark Knight (2008)

Based on the DC Comics character Batman, the film is the second installment of Nolan's The Dark Knight Trilogy and a sequel to 2005's Batman Begins.

A lieutenant in the Gotham City Police Department Gordon, Harvey Dent and Batman begin an assault on Gotham's organised crime, the mobs hire the Joker, a psychopathic criminal mastermind who offers to kill Batman and bring the city to its knees.

George Smiley in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011)

Based on John le Carré's 1974 novel of the same name.

A retired spy, George is summoned by the Government to investigate a furtive case. With a secret Soviet agent assumed to be working within their system, will George be able to unveil his identity?

J. Mankiewicz in Mank (2020)

Biographical drama film about screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz and his development of the screenplay for Citizen Kane (1941).

Directed by David Fincher, based on a screenplay by his late father Jack Fincher. David Fincher's father Jack Fincher wrote the script in the 1990s, and David originally intended to film it after he completed The Game (1997), with Kevin Spacey and Jodie Foster as the leads. It never came to fruition, and Jack Fincher died in 2003. Eventually, the project was officially announced in July 2019, and filming took place around Los Angeles from November 2019 to February 2020. To pay homage to the films of the 1930s, Mank was shot in black-and-white using RED cameras.




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